Topic: Federalism history essay questions

read chapter 3 answer the following questions:

1. Using information from Section 3.2 in chapter 3, list two advantages and two disadvantages of federalism.

2. While the power of the federal government in the United States has certainly grown since the adoption of the Constitution, we also see that the balance of power has sometimes tipped more towards the federal government and at other times more towards state governments.

Create an informal timeline of the development of federalism (shared powers between national and state governments) in the United States based on events in chapter 3. Your timeline should include a minimum of 6 events starting with McCulloch v Maryland and ending with an event from the 1990s or later (sections 3.4 to 3.8)

For each event, describe the event and explain its significance to the balance (or imbalance) of federal v state rights in the U.S. (3 – 5 sentences each). Basically, did this event favor power at the level of the federal government or the state government or was power shared? Please explain in your own words using information from the text. Do NOT cut and paste from outside sources.

3. This discussion asks you to apply the concept of federalism (shared power between the federal and state government) to the issues of abortion and the legalization of marijuana. Make sure you have reviewed the two articles on abortion and marijuana posted in the “Required Resources” before responding to the prompt below:

Prompt: Part of the American system of checks and balances includes a balance of power between the states and the federal government. Using the articles on abortion and marijuana as examples, consider how states create their own laws and practices alongside federal laws. Today there are few who would dispute that the scales have tipped in favor of the federal government over the individual states.

Do you think conflicts between state and federal powers are an important part of checks and balances or a threat to effective government? Consider what it means for individuals when federal and state laws are contradictory.

Your response should specifically reference both of the posted articles as well as specific and relevant information on federalism from the text, section 3.3 is especially useful. Convince me that you not only read but thought about these documents as they relate to the material we are studying in chapter 3.
2-3 paragraphs

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES other than the provided links:

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