Topic: Film Scene Analysis Short Essay

Short Essay – Film Scene Analysis
Write a 4-5 page double spaced scene analysis of a film of your choosing. Your analysis should address queer or heteronormative worldmaking in the film, by conducting a ‘thickly described” close reading of the selected scene …without centrally focusing on plot or character.

How do the formal elements (the narrative structure (but not plot), temporality, editing, framing, set, lighting etc.), of the film or its philosophy (i.e its implicit grounding assumptions), queer this scene, or render it normative rather than queer? Make sure there is a clear theoretical framework, with respect to queerness as a concept, intersectionality, antirelationality, negative or reparative approach, affect or some other concept addressed in the course (choose 1 or 2 of these themes). Cite 2 articles from the course.

Keep in mind to use this when describing a scene:
A thick description … does more than record what a person is doing. It goes beyond mere fact and surface appearances. It presents detail, context, emotion, and the webs of social relationships that join persons to one another. Thick description evokes emotionality and self-feelings. It inserts history into experience. It establishes the significance of an experience, or the sequence of events, for the person or persons in question. In thick description, the voices, feelings, actions, and meanings of interacting individuals are heard. 
(1)  It gives the context of an act; (2) it states the intentions and meanings that organize the action; (3) it traces the evolution and development of the act; (4) it presents the action as a text that can then be interpreted.

Written Assignment Format
• Typed, numbered, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins
• works cited in Chicago Style (preferred)

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