Topic: Food security and Sustainability essay assignment


Think about food security and sustainability in an entirely new way. We have always assumed that food was available, though perhaps it was sometimes not equally accessible to everyone (some reasons: income, transportation, ‘food deserts’).

But what if circumstances make it difficult to grow food for a significant part of the population? In many parts of the world, recurrent weather conditions can be a barrier to growing crops. Your task for this week:

Please post an original thread of approx. 150 words that give at least one idea for growing food during a prolonged flood. What kind of food would it be? How nutritious do you think it is (could it sustain humans)?

How could it be grown?

How could you distribute it to people?

Provide any kind of reasonable rationale for your answers. Use your imagination to come up with creative solutions — nothing is off limits!

If you can relate it to Hawaii, that’s great but not required

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