Topic: Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance


You are going to start a new cake making business in England with first factory opening in Peterborough.

Given the rise in distance ordering in food industry, you want to make available a good healthy cake.

You are required to present a report to potential investors to encourage them to invest in your business.

Details of your report are as follows.


  1. Prepare a marginal costing statement for your product on a ‘per unit’ and ‘per year’ basis. 5 marks

2. Produce the following financial documents for the first 12 months of trading:

  1. Cash Budget (month by month)                                                    20 marks
    1. Forecast Income Statement (for the year)                                    15marks
    1. Forecast Balance Sheet  (for the year)                                         15 marks

 4. Write a 1,500 word business case, in report format, presenting and explaining the costing and financial data from tasks 1 and 2 above, to your potential investors.                                                                                        

30 marks

       5     Use ratio and break-even analysis to analyse the expected performance of your business.                                                                                                        20 marks

Total 100 marks

This assignment is in the form of a scenario, which covers all four learning outcomes for this module.

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Business

Pages: 9/2475

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