Topic: G. Herbert Mead: Charles Horton Cooley questions assignment

Below are the questions for this assignment. Question should be answered in essay form and at least 1 page. All questions should be answer in one document.

There are 2 reading for this week.
G. Herbert Mead: The Self PDF attached. Pg 99-109

Charles Horton Cooley: Primary Groups PDF 129-134

Assignment #1 –

Question ; How does Mead distinguish between the body and the self? How is the self both a subject and an object? How is the ability to assume the “role of the other” so vital to being human? What does Cooley mean by “the looking glass self” and how does it relate to the social self?

Assignment #2 –

discussion is the opportunity for the class to engage in a dialog about the subject we are working on. you can use the assignment questions as a jumping off point but do not repost your assignment here. 100 word.

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