Topic: Gender reassignment discrimination and Equality and Human Rights act 2010

Presentation topic
Gender reassignment discrimination- Equality and Human Rights act 2010
Please use some of the ideas or add yours after reading the case study attached. Use what is relevant to my topic and please ask 1 or 2 questions at the beginning and add answers getting to the end of the presentation. Please use appropriate literature and some critique, focus on the topic given and link to the case study because this is marked as a master’s level
Please use social determinants to health complexity theories i.e. discrimination and inequality, policies, articles to support whatever you say / Harvard referencing and please follow the assignment guideline below and attached documents.

Assessment criteria
Evidence Base and Critical Skills
Your summative presentation must comprise a critique of the evidence base regarding the specific topic/issue allocated to you by the EBL group. 
Your presentation should include an authoritative critique and critical evaluation of the evidence base you identify and take account of the complexity both within the scenario and your specific presentation topic.
You must:
identify relevant high quality evidence for presentation and discussion;
critically examine the specific issue critically discussing, analysing, applying, appraising and evaluating  the evidence base
Consider both the breadth and depth of knowledge required and use novel and effective approaches to the management of the care of the client and required therapeutic interventions;
Provide recommendations for future practice;
Reference all literature used on each slide and provide a full reference list within your supporting documentation.
you should demonstrate both depth and breadth of understanding through discussion of one of the following key themes of the module (as appropriate to your issue):
decision making and problem solving;
accountability and nursing roles;
quality and governance;
Collaborative practice and team working.
Explain what you have learned through engagement with the EBL approach and your EBL presentation. 
Presenting coursework for assessmentYour documentation should be submitted in a single file.
Supporting documentation contributes to the overall mark. Required supporting documentation is the presentation outline plan; (a word template is available in the EBL Moodle Book which you may adapt). 
You may offer other supporting documentation, for example: handouts; notes/cue cards used. These should be added into the word document after the presentation outline plan table. (You are creating one document of supporting documentation.)
Your reference list is a required submission – this may be on the last slides of your powerpoint presentation or included as supporting documentation (see point above). 
Your presentation documentation should include:
your presentation plan;
presentation slides;
reference list; 
Your presentation documentation may also include:
group activities/handouts;
Other learning materials/documents.  
Video content made by others
Whilst short video clips can be useful, video content made by others does not demonstrate your command of the knowledge base and do not therefore gain marks on the marking criteria.  In your summative presentation you may use up to a maximum of two minutes of video content made by others (unless you have made the video yourself specifically for the purposes of this assessed presentation).  
Presentation time limit
The time limit for the summative presentation is twenty minutes.  If you go over time you will not be marked from the point at which you go over time, although, you may complete the final point you are making when the time limit is reached.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Power point presentation
Subject: Nursing
Pages/words: 13/1950
Number of sources: 12
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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