Topic: Global Strategic Management PowerPoint assignment


Formative PowerPoint 5 slides
Choice of two companies and tips on how to proceed.
1) This formative assessment requires you to submit five slides introducing the two companies and related contextual analysis, with particular reference to opportunities for CSR strategies that can enhance organisational success.

Your slides should conveniently cover:
We expect a short introduction of the industry/sector and your two chosen companies. We
also expect an external (global industry) and a comparative internal (resources and
capabilities) environment strategic analysis and critical success factors (CSFs).
Contextualise their competitiveness and responses to globalization and CSR (Apply relevant
Strategic Management and CSR tools and theories).

The essay consists of two parts, this is the first part FORMATIVE part which is these 5 PowerPoint slides and the second part is the SUMMATIVE

do 5 slides presenting two companies with an introduction to the sector, strategic analysis of the environment and critical success factors,

contextualize its competitiveness and response to globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

business, ppt, 5/1100, harvRD, UK

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