Topic : Health and Medicine Case Study

Since this case study is similar to an assignment paper, should it be answered in question/answer format? Yes…
The case study provides a scenario and then asks you three questions. As #2 of the format instructions tell you, convert the three questions into headings and subheading sections.
For your convenience, please use the attached template to submit your assignment: Module 2 Public Agency Case Study Headings and Subheadings.docx Download Module 2 Public Agency Case Study Headings and Sub-headings.docx
Students should use the following format for their written assignments.
• Your paper must include (at least) three to four pages of written content.
• Use APA format and cite sources, as necessary.
• In addition to the 3 to 4 pages of written content, please include:

  1. Title Page
  2. Appropriate Headings and Sub-Headings (These is the questions for the assignment and your responses
  3. Reference Page (minimum of 2 scholarly references)
    Use a minimum of 2 scholarly references—scholarly references can include peer-reviewed articles, textbooks, journals, and included supplemental resources.

For example, question # 1 is:
Of the decision-making techniques that were addressed in our textbook, cost-effectiveness analysis is a technique used to help decision-makers compare the program’s output to the costs encountered. Consider the possible costs that are involved in maintaining the free community seminars currently being offered at your organization. What are two alternative sources of funding or resources available that would offset the overtime costs of the employees needed to run the seminars? Provide specific examples and support with research.
Could be converted into the following heading and subheadings:

  1. Decision-Making Techniques: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (at least three paragraphs to describe this technique)
  2. Current Cost of Free Seminars (At least three paragraphs to describe current seminars offered by your agency and their cost. Make sure to include the number of participants and sources of funding, i.e. where the funding comes from to cover the cost, i.e., participants, donations, etc)
  3. Alternative Sources of Funding for Future Seminars (At least three paragraphs to describe potential sources of funding so that current and/or additional seminars that can be offered by your agency and their cost).

NOTE: This is an exercise so use your imagination and create your agency name, names of seminars, employees need to teach, number of participants, etc. (Or you can use your current place of employment or go online and find an agency to use as an example)

Pages 4 Double spaced(1100 words)
Style and sources APA7, 1 source
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Title page

Bibliography / Reference page

Study level College
Assignment type Case Study
Subject Health and Medicine
Language US

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