Topic: History of Art essay question


The essay question is “with reference to one specific family member and a work/works commissioned by them, discuss the importance of the Medici family as renaissance patrons.”

The chosen member is Lorenzo the magnificent. The essay can have some sort of an introduction which refers to the question itself. Then it can have a short 200 word paragraph on who the Medici family were, why they’re famous and a bit on what was Lorenzo’s place within the family.

The main bit of the essay can focus on two works of art that Lorenzo commissioned and why did he commission them? Did he want to show the prominence of Florence, show his own status or promote an idea?

The essay can also explore what Lorenzo was doing when he was commissioning art, where did Lorenzo display the art and what role the those works of art play.

All of this should lead to certain conclusions and the essay should have a good number of references and should include illustrations where possible either among the text or after it but before the bibliography. Illustrations should be properly numbered and captioned a. Artists name; b. Title of work; c. The medium; d. The date if known; e. It’s present location; f. Source of the image

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