Topic: How does “personal mastery” fit within your personal career development plan? Final Reflection Paper

Review, reflect, assess, set smart goals, and develop an action plan.

For your final assignment, write a reflective essay (2-3 pages, double-spaced, in narrative form—not bullet lists) that addresses important course takeaways, assesses your strengths and weaknesses, identifies specific goals, and lays out the plan to reach those goals.

Write a narrative with three clear sections (section labels are fine, however, not required).

Part I: Thinking Big

Entrepreneurship (Links to an external site.)

Follow the link above and read this online article from Inc.5000 about the importance of learning in getting from idea to success and respond to the following question.

How does “personal mastery” fit within your personal career development plan?
Part II: Reflection

Reflect on the semester, what you’ve learned about professional communication and your future.

Which modules, chapters, activities, etc. were most meaningful for you and why?
What are the most important lessons learned?
Review past discussion board assignments. Have you made progress in any areas you identified for improvement? Explain.
Part III: Goal-setting

What communication skills are essential for your career and life goals?

How strong are your current abilities in these areas, and which of these need improvement? Set goals for each.

Develop a plan of action. How will you reach these goals? End your essay with at least three communication goals and the steps you will take to achieve them.

Write professionally. Use proper language and punctuation, and organize your content. Include specific examples and references to support your statements in your discussions.

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