Topic: How play based contributes to child growth development comparing and contrasting Freud vs Erikson

Compare & Contrast Theoretical Perspectives Paper (Post as a Word document)

You are required to write a theoretical paper. For this project you will choose two theorists/theoretical perspectives from the course readings and compare and contrast their assumptions/positions as applied to an institution you are interested in and perhaps have a personal familiarity with. For example, this institution could be a workplace, your family, your place of religious worship, a government or administration office, and/or an educational institution. An example of a paper topic is: “Comparing and Contrasting the Perspectives of Karl Marx and Michel Foucault as Applied to U.S. Public High School Education.” Or, “Comparing and Contrasting the Perspectives of C. Wright Mills and Critical Race Theory as Applied to the U.S. Prison System.” You will post your topic to our Discussion Board and I’ll let you know if it is appropriate or not. The paper will be approximately ten pages long and it will be typed. In this paper you will cite at least 10 outside sources found in refereed academic journals or academic books. I will provide you a list of some appropriate journals for your consideration. I encourage you to choose theorists and an institution you are interested in thinking about critically.

When your paper is due, you will post it to Turnitin, found on our course website.

Critical Thinking Rubric Criteria

Explanation of Issues – two theoretical positions (explain theorists/theories – cite research. Example: Describe major points of Marxism and feminism)

Evidence – institutional context (explain the institution – cite research. Example: Describe the sociological context of the American family – perhaps the number of single parents, the median income, who does the housework, etc.)

Influence of context and assumptions (compare/contrast the two theoretical positions vis-vis the institution. Example: How would a Marxist explain why the family is organized the way it is? How would a feminist explain why the family is organized the way it is.)

Student’s position – (Where do you agree and disagree with the theorists? Do you agree with the Marxist explanation? Why? Why not? Do you agree with the feminist explanation? Why? Why not?)

Conclusions and related outcomes

The Format for “Compare & Contrast” paper:

Introduction (1 page) – Who are your two theorists that you are comparing & contrasting? What institution are you examining?

Describe Theory of Theorist #1 (2 pages)

Describe How Theorist #1 Explains Your Institution (2 pages)

Describe Theory of Theorist #2 (2 pages)

Describe How Theorist #2 Explains Your Institution (2 pages)

Summary: Compare & Contrast Your Two Theorists’ Views; Which Theorist Do You Agree With & Why? (2 pages)

References – minimum of 10 refereed journal articles

• Font: Times New Roman 12 or Courier New 10 or Arial 12

• Margins: 1″ (inch) top and bottom, 1.25″ (inches) left and right

• From Edge Header and Footer: 0.5″ (inch)

• Pages should be numbered

• Section breaks in bold lettering:

References in APA style from AT LEAST 10 refereed journal articles and/or books published by an academic press (i.e., Harvard University Press, University of California Press, Oxford Press, etc.). If you want to include more references in your paper, in addition to the 10 required academic references, you may draw your additional references from anywhere.


Type of assignment: essay

Subject: Philosophy

Pages: 10/2500

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