Topic: HR Planning – HR Plan Development business coursework

Assignment: Case Study – HR Plan Development
This assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate learning via a case study in which HR planning expertise will be used to
review labour demand forecasts, HR supply, forecasting models, and develop a plan to address the change in demand and supply.
develop an HR plan that includes a workforce plan, compensation approach, talent management strategies, and initiatives that support organizational downsizing.
Part A: Growth of Online Sales
Read Case Study – Part A below.
Watch the video explaining the forecasting calculations while looking at the spreadsheet Tab A to:
review the demand of labour forecasting calculations in the store that support online sales over the next 3 years.
review the HR supply calculations over the next 3 years, which assumes an annual turnover percentage of 20% in the store and 10% turnover of employees supporting online sales.
In a word document, answer the following questions:
Explain the demand and supply forecasting models you used and detail the limitations of each.
Explain whether you forecasted a labour storage or supply. Develop a plan to help address the forecasted labour shortage or surplus and what the business will require to implement the recommended plan.
Case Study A
A successful business owner of a beauty products retain chain has noticed a considerable increase in online sales and a decreasing percentage of purchases made in the five stores she owns in the city. In each of her stores, she has a Manager and five sales representatives and each average approximately $800,000 in revenue a year. However, there has been a trend of approximately 25% sales decline in the past year.
To support online sales of $500,000 per year, the business owner and a team of 2 customer representatives handle the current online sales. It is forecasted that online sales will increase 30% in the year with the marketing campaigns planned, and another 25% in the year after that. The owner wants each store to maintain their productivity, which she measures as revenue per employee, and needs to determine what she needs to support the growth of the online business.

Part B: Moving Fully Online Due To Competition
Read the new case study for Part B below.
Using the Part A video and spreadsheet calculations as a reference, complete the spreadsheet calculations for Part B under Tab B for the following scenario: Assuming an annual turnover of 10% of employees supporting online sales and the closing of the retail stores, complete a workforce plan that forecasts the supply and demand of labour for the online business over the next 3 years.
Based on the results of the workforce plan, develop a written HR plan that outlines the programs and initiatives required to support the business in achieving its objective to shift into the online business full time. Specifically:

The marketplace is competitive, and the retail owner wants to be prepared to hire and retain staff. She is unsure whether she has the right approach to compensation. What recommendations would you provide and why?

Detail at least three talent management programs you would recommend be implemented and detail your reasons why. Include a detailed explanation on how each talent management strategy supports the business objectives.

Explain how you would manage downsizing of the retail business and support a positive employee experience. Provide 3 or 4 suggestions and supporting rationale.

Case Study B
The business owner of the beauty products retain chain from Part A has started to become concerned with the future of her business. A global beauty supply chain has announced their plans to open 10 stores across the country, four of which will be in the city. With increased competition and the high operating costs of each retail increasing, she is unsure whether she should continue to focus on both the retail and online channels or just online operations. She is also starting to think about retirement and dreams of the day when she is only needing to work in the business part-time.
After considering the costs, competition, and resource challenges, she has decided to close all 5 of her retail stores and focus solely on her online business. With closing the stores, she is able to increase her spending on marketing campaigns and believes she can increase sales 50% each year over the next 3 years. She expects 3 of the store managers to move into Online Specialist roles.

Your assignment must include a cover page which contains the title of the assignment, your name, and your student number. Any sources must be included on an APA Reference page and be cited in the body of your work.

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