Topic: Human Learning Through the Life Span: A Developmental Approach

Choose an area of human learning (ex. language or literacy) and trace it through the life span. Discuss how this learning occurs in early childhood (age 0-4), elementary (age 5-10), adolescence (age 10-19) and adulthood (age 20+). Your paper should include the major theories, theorists, and research, and explore the learning that occurs before, during, and beyond school in your selected area (meaning, you discuss how the learning happens at home, in school, and adulthood)

• Discuss human learning through the lifespan. What types of things do we learn at each stage of our development: early childhood (age 0-4), elementary (age 5-10), adolescence (age 10-19) and adulthood (age 20+). For example, you might say early childhood is focused on language and literacy acquisition; elementary age continues with language but learns what else?; adolescents…. adults? Use your readings, major theories, theorists, and research in your paper.

• Discuss how learning about theory impacts you in your current field as an educator. For example, how does understanding literacy development, for example, help you become a stronger teacher? How does the theory and research impact your work? In your paper, discuss the major theories, theorists, and research within the context of your chosen field.

• You may also email me what you would like to write about. Your paper must include theory, theorists, and research, and its importance in human learning so keep that in mind when you write to me. You can explore things like the importance of play, the development of social identities, the impact of culture on learning, learning in adulthood, learning in adolescence, etc.

Your paper should be a minimum of 3500 words (14 pages) but no more than 4000 (10 pages) not including the APA formatted Reference page. Papers should be double spaced, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins with in-line citations in APA format. Headings will help you ensure you’ve addressed all the required information.


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