Topic: Human science theories nursing essay

Scenario 1

Jane, a 55-year-old woman with advanced Multiple Sclerosis was admitted to the chronic care unit of a hospital. As part of the admission routine a full diet was ordered. At lunch time Nurse Smith  observed that Jane was eating very slowly and appeared to have difficulty swallowing. She has had previous episodes of choking. Jane explained that she needed to chew her food well in order to avoid choking. After staying with her until she finished her meal, Nurse Smith told Jane that she was going to fill out a special diet requisition for a soft diet.

At dinner time, when her food tray was presented, Jane became very angry, “I don’t want baby food.” She asserted. “Bring me some real food that I can enjoy.” Nurse Smith patiently explained to her why it was best that she eats a soft diet and informed her about the risks of choking and aspiration. She also pointed out that the nursing staff would have limited time to spend assisting her with meals. Even so, Jane was adamant. “It’s my life and I will live it the way I want.”

1. You are  provided with a specific story/scenario/video and asked to prepare an essay discussing how one of the four Human Science theories (Nightingale, Watson, Paterson and Zderad, Parse) and nursing skill acquisition relate to the story.

2. You will be required to specifically reference theorists and resources that support your discussion and provide concrete examples, using the specific language of the theory.

Assignment Outline

  1. Introduction must be present with clear purpose/thesis statement
  • Understands Human Science as a practice; in depth understanding and application of

one of the human science theorists on the experience of care and nursing practice (use specific examples, minimum of three specific examples including use of language specific to the theories used?

  • Understands the levels of skill acquisition and how each impact nursing care (specific example to

Benner’s work, two specific examples of nurses’ level of skill acquisition)

  • Reflection on Human Science; in depth discussion of applicability of selected theorist to personal nursing practice (use specific examples of how you can incorporate human science into your nursing student practice) OR (reflect on the relevance and applicability of human science-based practices in your own nursing practice- why is human science valued and how will it influence your nursing practice?
  • Has a depth and breadth of knowledge; draws on several resources with clear rationale for applicability (include both theoretical and CNO standards)

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