Topic: Inquiry Based Learning(Project)

In this assignment, you will undertake an inquiry-based project. You will need to research current trends in
the retail industry, using valid research sources. Then you will choose one company and conduct an
analysis of that company, using relevant business models. The name of this organisation will need to be
confirmed with your tutor. You will then need to make recommendations on what that organisation needs
to do to focus on continuing their success, or alternatively what they need to focus on to survive. It would
be valuable to choose an organisation where you might be able to visit and potentially do some primary
research on friends and family who might be customers of that organisation.
It is expected that the report (including any other requirements, will be around 2000 words; 650 words for
the trends in retail, 650 for the analysis of the organisation and 650 for the recommendations.
You will be expected to devote substantial time to completing this project independently, in addition to any
scheduled teaching in the module.
You are expected to meet the following milestones (key actions and dates you need to achieve as part of
the process). Precise dates will be agreed with your module tutor and supervisor:

  1. Submit a plan for your project for approval and formative feedback from your supervisor (Week
  2. Provide a progress update on your project (Week 9)
  3. Deliver the project report (and artefact or performance, if required) (Week 12).
    This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your
    achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
    LO 1 Collect, select and use information from a range of sources using different methods, appropriate
    to the academic discipline and context.
    LO 2 Investigate the needs, problems and opportunities of a given situation.
    LO 3 Plan and undertake a project to address a subject-related problem or answer a subject-related
    LO 4 Communicate effectively, with well-structured verbal and written reports, as demanded in
    academic and professional domains.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Business

Pages: 8/2200

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