Topic: Integrated Marketing Business Coursework

The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on your learning and to further your understanding of the importance and principles of IMC by reviewing the 2018 Movember Foundation’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride marketing campaign.

  1. Review: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
    Spend some time exploring the 2018 Movember Foundation’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride marketing campaign, as it is a global marketing success story. It demonstrates the importance, principles, and power of IMC.
  2. Post your comments
    Now that you have reviewed the 2018 Movember campaign, contribute meaningfully to the discussion by responding to the following questions:
    • Why could you argue that the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride campaign uses IMC to fuel its phenomenal momentum?
    • Who are some of the influencers and reference (or peer) groups at work in the Movember Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride campaign?
    • What are some of the seven elements of the IMC marketing mix that work together in this campaign and how?
    • Does Movember Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride touch your head or your heart? Why is this important?

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