Topic: Interaction Analysis Education case study

For this assessment task, you will be analysing video-vignettes featuring teacher interactions with the young children.

Depict the interactions in the video by using descriptive observation method such as ‘Running Record’ or a detailed narrative. You do not have to document the whole video, you can choose a segment of it. Critically analyse the dialogue and its pedagogical significance, or potential (and weaknesses) in consideration of children as learners in curriculum. Consider both verbal and nonverbal interactions, timing and a potential rationale for engagement of the adult protagonist/s in the video. Identify ways this dialogue/interaction is or is not appropriate against the literature (including the EYLF).

Please use at least 6 academic references plus other sources. Please also note that the analysis MUST also make reference of EYLF Australia and it’s compulsory in the reference list, this can be found here:


Please also make a few points on “guidance rathan than interfering, challenging behaviour and the teacher’s approach” from this:

Assessment Criteria

Authentic dialogues/interactions between a child and an adult are selected and have been observed accurately, using running record or detailed narrative;

High level of critical analysis of the dialogue/interaction and its pedagogical significance is evident, with thoughtful links to young children as learners in curriculum;

High levels of critique are offered concerning the dialogue/interaction itself, considering its strengths and weaknesses in light of the literature (which must include EYLF and other sources);

Scholarly conventions are employed throughout, including referencing APA, and accuracy of grammar, and spelling.

Type of assignment: Case study

Subject: Education

Pages: 10/2500

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