Topic: International Expansion Presentation Coursework


For your next P3 submittal make sure to Add an analytical ROI projection…See Considering ROI in Decision Making Here how tos on Excel: Improve Customer based Customer Satisfaction and Growth Measurable Objectives and Evaluation Criteria@! e.g.,

Customer Growth: Track coupon codes offered with different podcasts to determine which outlets worked best and use information from those demographics to select other podcasts to target to achieve 20% customer growth annually.

Increase the visibility and desirability of LC products among consumers by 25%.

• Establish LC as a company that delivers premiere and high-quality products that bring joy and increase one’s quality of life with a Customer Awareness goal of 25% of the population.

and add satisfaction Objective: Launch communications campaign focused solely on customer recruitment and satisfaction. Attain customer retention rate of 30% and satisfaction rate of 92% over a 12-month period. (Morgan, 2019)o Goal: Convince potential new customers to try a subscription-based personal styling service. Please read Second half of Project 3 instructions to help you complete this assignment. Also, please use the International Expansion paper to help you come this assignment as well.

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