Topic: International Marketing essay assignment

• Technological
Malaysia is considered a regional hub for IT with most individuals having internet access and are utilizing the most common social media platforms (Kurnia et al, 2015).

Additionally, new government initiatives focus on elevating the country to the preferred position for hi-tech investments, which could be the opportunity Meraas has been anticipating in order to settle in.

• Environmental
Meraas could avail Malaysia’s massive land of fauna, flora and mangroves, as well as dynamic cities, stunning beaches and weather, all of which contributed to 25.83 million tourists visiting the country in 2018. Malaysia’s Environment Performance Index (EPI) has been dropping, due to their environmental degradation. Thus, upon entering, Meraas should be environmentally aware.

• Legal
Meraas is required to not only apply for a Malaysian business license, but a Halal Certification and abide by the common law system (Kemajuan, 2015). If Meraas decides to repatriate capital and profits they could do so easily.

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