Topic: International Studies – Topic: Global/Regional Free Trade Arrangements vs. Protectionism?



– 300 words reflection (which describes (1) the importance of the proposed NGO project and (2)student’s specific contribution to group work.)
– 15-20 minutes PowerPoint presentation
– speech 15- 20 minutes long

Approximately 20 minute (30 minutes MAXIMUM) group presentation, followed by a 10-15 minute question and answer session
In addition to the presentation in class, each member of the group must submit the hard copy of a 300-word reflection document (in essay format) to a tutor before the presentation, which describes

(1) the importance of the proposed NGO project and

(2) student’s specific contribution to group work.
More detailed information will become available in the Moodle site

NGO Project – Application of Knowledge in IS to Real World Issues
Students will work collaboratively to develop a non-governmental organization (NGO) (4-5 students in each team). The NGO must deal with issues related to the topic of the week in which you choose to present your project (Weeks 7–12), and should NOT COPY existing NGOs.

This task will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch your NGO idea to the potential investors (i.e. peers and a tutor). The presentation must be as detailed as possible. More specifically, the plan of action for the development of your NGO needs to cover the
 What is the name of your NGO and its mandate/mission?
 Where will your NGO be based and why?
 What is the specific problem that you want to address and why is it important?
 What are the goals or objectives that your NGO wants to achieve? Are these manageable and how will you assess or evaluate meeting whether you have met these objectives?
 Are there other NGOs working on the same issue – if so, how is your proposed NGO different?
 How do the planned budget details of your NGO look like? Identify opportunities for funding in Australia or beyond (public or private sources). Also, specify the amount of investment that you hope to obtain through today’s presentation. This is EXTREMELY important since without finance nothing gets done!

Overall, your task here is to pull off such a wonderful, informative, and seamless presentation that the potential investors will have no trouble investing in your NGO.

All team members must participate in the presentation. You should also be prepared to answer a range of questions regarding your project at the Q&A session after your presentation.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research summary
Subject-Political Science
Pages / words-4 / 2200
Number of sources-20
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Single
Language style-AU English

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