Topic: Introduction to marketing business essay

This assignment involves producing a short report that seeks to develop your understanding and awareness of marketing and its component elements in use of the marketing mix to operate and manage key business objectives. By completing these tasks, you would be demonstrating your knowledge of marketing within a business context and some of the challenges or issues faced by businesses.

Addressing answers to questions mentioned below in a report format that look at marketing in terms of how
it creates value for customers by addressing some business challenges in a competitive market using
some analytical tools in both physical environment and the digital world.


  1. Explain what is meant by Marketing? (60 words). Discuss how 7Ps are used to create customer value? (240 words). Your points should be centred around the following words/phrases:
    • Determining the best product/service strategy
    • Ensuring the effective distribution of products/services
    • Informing customers of the existence of products/services and persuading them to buy
    • Determining the price at which products and services should be sold.
    • Ensuring that after sales service (people) is of the right quality in the physical/virtual
    environment through efficient processes.

    Q1 24Marks
  2. Explain how a business can use marketing to remain competitive? Use SWOT analysis to explain your answer (remember, SW is internal, and OT is external) (275words)

    Q2 22Marks
  3. Describe Ansoff’s growth matrix (75 words). How can businesses use Ansoff’s matrix to become successful? (225 words)

    Q3 24Marks
  4. Explain how a business can use digital marketing to improve its performance and growth (275words).

    Q1 22Marks
    NB: You would need an introduction and conclusion of the assignment (200words: 6marks for introduction & conclusion and 2marks for Table of Contents)
    You must reference all information used in the report, using the Harvard Referencing Guide.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 3/1350
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

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