Topic: Introduction to Marketing coursework assignment

Task 1 – Scenario: You are a junior consultant at the Richmond Business Review. Using Amazon as the featured business, write a 1500-word essay responding to the following statement “Marketing matters now more than ever” To what extent do you agree with the statement?

A section of your essay should be about market planning. In this section you must explain the market planning process using examples from Amazon to illustrate your explanation.

Task 2 – Sony is on the brink of launching the PlayStation 5 games console. Analyse, with examples how Sony can promote the PlayStation 5 to satisfy real or perceived customer needs. 800 words

(To achieve a higher grade your work will show…..)

· The judgement that you reach in your essay will be justified and backed up with data where possible.

Thorough research needs to be completed with data being gathered from a range of sources.

· Your use of models and concepts will be comprehensive, consistent, and accurate across all tasks

· You will accurately apply the concepts that were introduced i.e. marketing mix, promotional mix, selling/product/marketing concept, Boston matrix, Ansoff matrix, Maslow hierarchy of needs

· Your analysis of how products can be promoted will be comprehensive and take into consideration a wide range of factors. The examples that you use as part of your analysis will be relevant and accurate.

· When analysing how a product can be promoted you will consider the advantages and disadvantages of different mediums e.g. television, radio etc.

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