Topic: Law Coursework Week 4 Discussion Paper

Pose a question to your classmates. This should not be a question that merely seeks clarification on procedural matters, for example. It needs to be a meaningful question that demonstrates critical thinking on your part.

There are several different types of questions, including:

  1. Closed/Open
  2. Shallow and Deep
  3. Leading
  4. Thinking/Rhetorical
  5. Fixed and Emergent
  6. Clarifying and Explanatory

You can look these up on the internet. Here’s a short link to some of them:

Here’s another source. They may seem a bit elementary (used with children), but should give you an idea of how to get started.
And here’s a source that begins to bring it all together.
When formulating your question, remember that the aim is to uncover new ideas, not cover the old ones.

Week 4 Objectives
-To be able to explain how bias affects research and other aspects of criminal justice.
-To be able to compare and contrast the different ways memory is affected and the impact upon the criminal justice system.
-To recognize critical components of a Literature Review, including the engagement with the authors/scholars.

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Type Of Assignment : Coursework
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