Topic: Leadership through the Human Resources

Unit 7: Leadership viewed through the Human Resources Frame
This unit’s activities have us returning to the human resources frame of reference (from unit 2) only with a more challenging task in front of us. Moving beyond the topics of motivation and commitment of unit 2, we will now explore how to recruit and select leaders. In both case studies, the challenges are apparent: There are special considerations and requirements for each leadership role and no one candidate fulfills or matches the requirements exactly or completely. The challenge is to make the best selection.

Reading Assignment
Senyucel, Z. (2009). Managing Human Resources in the 21st Century.
Chapters 7 – 9
Case Studies
Fischer, A.K. (2012). Corporate Human Resource Management in an International Setting. Journal of Business Case Studies, 8(6), 621-626.
Mento, A.J., Cougnet, J.E., De Vader, C.L. (2012). Now What Do I Do with Brad and Kerry? Journal of Business Case Studies, 8(1), 51-66.

Discussion Assignment
Please discuss the Corporate Human Resource Management in an International Setting case study, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the three candidates for plant manager and share the reasoning behind how you made your selection.

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