Develop a strategy for building a better world for Older Adults. What happens during early life stages influences well-being during older adulthood. Your strategy must include interventions for those who are older adults now and for individuals in three additional life stages. For example, what intervention during infancy might enhance the well-being of that generation when they

become older adults. Your strategy must address both cognitive and socioemotional development during each life stage.

Life Stages include: gestation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and older adulthood.

Building a Better World Option: Older adults have a lot to offer society and represent a growing age demographic. Yes, aging is associated with physical and cognitive
decline—but older adults often thrive and those with dementia need better
care than is available now (at least in many parts of Canada). What can be
done? We also know that well-being during older adulthood is heavily
influenced by earlier life stages. Given that an increasing proportion of
children and young adults will live to be older adults, what practices/policies
might lead to a healthier older adult population in the future. Your strategy must address at least three life stages in addition to older adulthood. Format: Eight slides (e.g., powerpoint), with 2 slides (cognitive, socioemotional) for each of 4 life stages. You do NOT need to record anything with your slides.

You have developed a plan for a better world. Now you need to convince others (including your TAs) that your product makes sense. In a 1000-word formal essay (± 100), defend your product by referencing specific concepts and studies from course content (text/lectures/videos). In each case, be specific and provide a reference to the page number in your text/lecture number. Spend time to ensure your writing is well organized with no grammatical errors. Sub-headings are encouraged. In-text citations are required and must be in APA format (e.g., Santrock et al., 2020). You do not need to provide a reference list. You do not need to do additional reading, but should reference course content.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 8/2200

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