Topic: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Each knowledge area is associated with Logistics and Supply Chain Management. If you are not clear on the knowledge area, you must research it before submitting a document associated with it. For example, sustainability can have several different meanings in different areas of research, whereas in a logistics network or supply chain it refers to environmental impact, waste, costs, etc.

A separate summary for each knowledge area association will be required. For example, if an artifact is submitted as a collaborative supply chain it can also be submitted for inventory management. Full justification is required for each knowledge area. In this case, the BOK can be submitted on two different weeks. At no time should an artifact be used more than twice.

An artifact should be directly related to the knowledge area. For example, an artifact on collaborative supply chains, which may have a mention of inventory management but does not include a detailed discussion on inventory management, is not applicable for inventory management.

Summaries Clarification

Ensure that your artifact fits well in the cell (row and column combination in the BOK Matrix) that you assign it to. The related summary should contain a detailed explanation of why you have assigned an artifact to a particular cell and should be clearly discussed in the summary with supporting examples from the artifact itself or external references. This discussion is the differentiating factor between your artifact and related summary using the BOK matrix guide.

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