Topic: Logistics on “Natural Hazard Mitigation.” casestudy


Assignment Instructions

Case Study Information

You will be reviewing the study, “Natural Hazard Mitigation.”

This case study is an effort on your part to describe a disaster logistics scenario and construct strategies for supply management to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. Explain design strategies relative to specific case study examples.

Address the following questions:

How many logistics problems are there that came from this disaster?
Identify and describe the type of errors in the response of organizations that provide supplies to the victims.
Describe a new scenario of this operation if would be improved in the event that it occurs again in a waterfront city in the US.
Then, make a recommendation on how to not repeat the mistakes that were documented for the response to Hurricane Katrina.
CASE STUDY General Guidance

Your submission must be in the form of APA formatted manuscript (title page and reference page).

APA requires that you write in the third person and you should be directing this to the company, not to individuals in that company, it is not a report about the company it is a narrative report to the company.

Such documents are written in the third person and must remain objective, unemotional, and impersonal. That means there should be no reference to you in any way shape and that there is no need to name any individual in the company, or for that matter, the company itself. It is inappropriate to repeat or summarize the case information.

You should start by providing an analysis of, not a repetition of, the case information and what you determine are the salient or critical corporate/strategic issues that relate to those questions above.

Be careful to avoid gratuitous openings and closings. For these case studies, an abstract is not required.

If you are comfortable writing an abstract make sure it addresses your proposals in the paper and does repeat or summarize the case itself.

Focus on demonstrating the ability to think analytically and synthesize by providing realistic and viable solutions and/or alternatives.

Demonstrate careful analysis of the company and the current situation followed by specific and focused recommendations.

Businesses must make decisions regularly with imperfect information that means it is inappropriate to suggest any additional analysis, study, survey, or additional company effort to reach a decision.

A well-written case study analysis should run at least three pages (not including title and reference page) to earn full credit. Do not provide company histories and do not repeat or summarize case information.

Complete and Post your Case Study to the Assignments Folder – Assignment may be in a memorandum, presentation form such as powerpoint or in an APA style paper. You could follow a format like this:

Marvin the Martin Case Study

1. Case Issues

2. Analysis

3. Recommendation

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