Topic: Managerial Accounting Evaluations & trends

Evaluate the latest trends in the field of managerial accounting, and explain the role of these trends in helping manager in the decision making.

• Choose three recent trends applicable at your organization, and defend your decision.

. Key concepts must be clearly defined with proper citation, and all the assessment’s requirements must be addressed.

As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects you may consider significant given the brief shown above. Your report should include:
I. Executive Summary
II. Introduction
III. Answer Q.1 and Q.2
IV. Conclusion
V. References.

7. Recommended Reading
VI. Text Book:
VII. Noreen E., Brewer C.P. & Garrison H.R. (2018), “Managerial Accounting”, sixteenth edition, McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 978-1260153132.

– use graph and figures.

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