Topic: Managing a business project Business Essay


Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project:

Here you need to demonstrate how you have use project Managment tools and techniques to manage the project deliverables, you will need to produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion.

P2 – Produce a project management plan that covers, aim and deliverables, time, quality communication, risk and resources- (This is about putting together a project plan that will manage and support your research and in meeting the aims and objectives you have set.)

M1 Produce a comprehensive project management plan, milestone schedule and project schedule for monitoring and completing the aims and objectives of the project.

D1 Critically evaluate the project management process and methods applied for gathering information and data collection.

P3 – Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion- (This is about taking the project plan down to the work level, producing a detailed plan of what has to be done, the time scales, resource requirements and who is going to do it.)

P4 – Carry out small-scale research by applying primary and secondary methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives- (This is about actually carrying the research out, discussing approaches, you need to carry out primary and secondary research around your chosen topic and demonstrate how this approach is going to meet the aims and objectives you have identified.)

M2 Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of primary and secondary methods applied

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