Topic: Managing Global Projects coursework assignment

Assessment Information

This assignment is an individual assignment.

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 2 and 3:

LO2: Explore how cultural, communication, leadership and teamwork affect international project management;
LO3: Gain a sound understanding of international approaches to project management.

Case Scenario
ITech UK is a London based company leading a software development project to deploy fingerprint enabled ATM System. The project team members are working in four companies in different locations (the software company (ITech) in London, England; one development team in Lisbon, Portugal; two development teams in Bangalore and Mumbai, India) with team members speaking four different native languages (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Kannada and Tamil), all with different levels of fluency in English.

There are three different country cultures, and the total difference in time zones is 4h30 in summer (GMT+1 for Portugal and GMT+5:30 for India). In addition to the team members, there are stakeholders from another three locations (three pilot customers in the USA, South Africa and Australia), elevating the number of country differences to six, and the time zone difference to 14 hours (GMT-4 for New York, USA to GMT+10 for Sydney, Australia) (Binder, 2016).

AS part of the development process, each of the global team is involved in one or more of the steps:
Output design
Input design
File design
Processing design
Detailed system documentation
Software testing and validation

The Assignment Requirements and Task:
You are required to produce a Project Initiation Document (PID) that addresses the project scenario above to present to your project sponsor. Your PID should include relevant project management tools, matrix and methodology, such as:

A project scope statement including a Work Breakdown Structure and a Gantt chart
Produced project communication plan, to include the likely impact of culture, communication, leadership and teamwork on the successful implementation of the project. Key stakeholders must be identified, analysed and a communication plan developed for effectively engaging the stakeholders throughout the project.
Risk management plan to taken into consideration, different stakeholder, risk associated to the activities of the project and the likely cultural risks of the project.

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