Topic : manuscript coding Programming Assessment.

It is important that you are clear and you understand and are able to describe and justify your coding approach. It’s also important to recognise and identify potential limitations with the approach as no research is perfect.

  1. A) Code the data using first order coding – identify 8 codes from the interview.
    B) Then undertake Second order coding – identify 3 codes.
    A) Briefly outline why you chose your codes. 110-120 words
    B) Outline whether you should consider reshaping your research question and objectives based on your findings and if so how. 110-120 words

Your task is to apply coding to this manuscript to reduce the data and develop themes from this interview which may enable you to build new theory around diversity management
Research Question:
To examine how cultural diversity management shapes productivity in a service organisation
Research objectives:
• To examine cultural diversity management within the service organisation
• To examine how the management of diverse cultures shapes productivity in the organisation.

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