Topic: Marketing Essentials podcast Assignment

Marketing Essentials
Assignment #8

Please listen to this important podcast from The Business of Fashion on Supply Chain Management in the era of Covid-19. How do you feel consumers will feel about shopping the post Covid-19 era of brick and mortar shopping for the in-store experience? What can retailers do to enhance the in-store experience and get customers back in to the store? Please share your thoughts after listening to this podcast. Please write a 2-4-page paper on your thoughts on this process. (Links to an external site.)
“Will a newly minted generation of germophobic, socially distanced consumers put the kybosh on touchy-feely retail?” In episode 4 of BoF’s Retail Reborn podcast series, Doug Stephens examines how the concept of reimagining the store as media can be applied even during a pandemic, with guests including Neighborhood Goods’ Matt Alexander, Story founder Rachel Shechtman and Ben Kaufman, CEO and co-founder of CAMP.
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