Topic: Marketing for Managers Subject : Harley Case Study :

Please save this as a Word document. Address the following questions in approximately seven to ten double-spaced pages. Also, please answer each question separately rather than one long narrative (makes logic flow easier).

Address the issues as a consultant! I am not requiring you to go outside of the case for info though it can help,. Answer through the lens when the case was written with available info at the time. Noting the facts, speak to the implications.

Marketing Analytics & Design is a quick reference to the logic-flow we’ve been following

Harley Davidson 2018: Trump, Tariffs, & the Future

Q 1 How would you characterize HD’s core challenge(s), importance, urgency, etc.? What are the defined, or inferred, decision criteria for a go-forward strategy (if any)? (20 / 100)
1.5 Page (appx)

Q 2 Qualitatively deconstruct Harley’s world with PEST, with PORTER and further with CRACK. Noting that quantitative info is limited, what is your sense of their financial health? Synthesize the information but avoid merely repeating facts from the case as this does not provide additional insight. (40 / 100)

2.5 pages (appx)

Q 3 Note some of the key initiatives that Harley had taken to address these core challenges over the prior 20 years? What were the successes and failures and do you see these as well-calculated forward-steps with faulty execution, or, suboptimal initiatives? (You can find further insights on their recent pursuits through online sources, if so, please note your sources.) In addition to the “status quo” of staying the course, what are two further go-forward options they might consider? Briefly, what are the pros and cons of each, including the status quo? (40 / 100)

2.5 pages (appx)

Q 4 If you were CEO, somewhat briefly, which of these go-forward options would you choose? How would you lead HD forward and why (provide some detail)? Would this bring HD back to their boom years, would it just prevent further decline, or, not even that? (20 / 100)

1 page (appx)

Q 5 If HD went ahead with your recommendation would you buy HD stock if money was available? Why or why not? (Just Curious)

.5 Page (appx)

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