Make sure that you have also downloaded the Assignment #3 Template. You will answer the questions there and submit that file as your assignment.
question 1: product
Background information needed to answer Question #1:
Below are three different vehicles that each have unique features. Review those features and to determine which vehicle would sell the most based on the Customer Profile highlighted below.

70% are couples with 3 children.
Age: 28–48.
Income: 70,000 per household.
90% of target market live 30 miles from work.
80% need some cargo space for travel and house projects.
65% are concerned about gas mileage.
70% consider safety a top priority.
85% prefer long warranties.
Go to the Assignment #3 Template and complete Question 1.

question 2: financial options
Background information needed to answer Question #2:
Based on the information contained in the vehicle descriptions in Question #1, what is the best financial option to purchase the vehicle you selected in Question #1.
Go to the Assignment #3 Template and complete Question 2.

question 3: promotions
Background information needed to answer Question #3:
Below are three recommended advertisements for the vehicle options in Question #1, including a special deal promotion, for the vehicle that is expected to sell the best. Review and based on the vehicle descriptions, determine which promotional activity will sell the most vehicles.

Go to the Assignment #3 Template and complete Question 3.

question 4: pricing
Background information needed to answer Question #4:
Review the pricing options available for each of the vehicles below. Also review the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of the vehicle as you review the best price mix for all three vehicles.


Go to the Assignment #3 Template and complete Question 4.

question 5: branding
Background information needed to answer Question #5:
The company that makes the vehicle you selected is looking to rebrand the vehicle. They have asked for your input on possible brands ideas. Read the information below summarizing the vision for each Brand Direction.

Go to the Assignment #3 Template and complete Question 5.

question 6: sales pitch
Background information needed to answer Question #6:
A great sales pitch has five components: introduction, problem, solution, objections, call to action.  Review the 5 components of a successful sales pitch.
Step 1 – Introduction
A good sales pitch quickly introduces the reason the customer should give you their attention. Consider starting with something that grabs both their heart and mind, like a surprising fact or a relatable story.
Step 2 – Problem
Once you have the customer’s attention, show that you understand the problem they are facing, one that your product can solve. Take some time to acknowledge the problem and talk about how well you understand the opportunity or challenge the customer needs a solution for.
Step 3 – Solution
Once you’ve outlined the problem, it’s time to introduce the solution. This is where you talk about how the company’s product or service will address the problem the customer is facing. Make sure to describe the key features of the product and talk about how they will help the customer.
Step 4 – Objections
It’s important to anticipate reasons why a customer might object to purchasing the product. If the product is expensive, for example, you might acknowledge the high cost while also explaining why it’s justified given the quality of the product or its innovative features.
Step 5 – Call to Action
Having introduced the product, spoken about the problem, described the solution and addressed any objections, you’ve probably got the customer right where you want them. At this point, you need to give them a clear call to action. Be direct and make it easy for them to say yes. Invite them to purchase the product or offer them a free trial of the product.

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