Topic: Marketing Research Report

Assignment Guidelines
You are a newly formed small market research company, consisting of 3-5
To demonstrate your research skills, you have been tasked with researching into the consumer behaviour of the Generation Z group to inform the promotional activities for ONE of the following brands: Tesla/Moncler/Vans/MAC (Cosmetics).
Following a successful presentation to the Board of Directors (Coursework 1), you are now required to conduct the Research and present your findings to the Directors of your chosen brand.
Note: You will collect the data as a group but your report will be presented
individually. Your report will include a set of recommendations on how the brand can effectively position itself by applying the 4Ps of the marketing mix (especially how to promote itself) to attract the Gen Z group.
You may investigate consumer behaviour influences such as:
▪ Reference group
▪ Word of mouth
▪ Social Media
▪ Inconspicuous consumption
You will manage all aspects of the research process including developing a research
proposal (CW1), designing and administering appropriate research tools, gathering
the data, analysing the results and making recommendations for a positioning
strategy through the marketing mix.
It is expected that your report will cover the three main stages of the report:

  1. Stage 1: Discovery – secondary research to inform the company of the
    consumer behaviour of the Generation Z group.
    Details of
    the task
    This part of the assignment requires you to investigate your chosen
    research question, collect data and present the findings. You are
    required to work independently but under the guidance of your
  2. Stage 2: Conducting primary qualitative and quantitative consumer
    research This should be both primary qualitative and quantitative research.
  3. Stage 3: Presenting the Research findings to recommend effective
    promotional ideas on how the brand of your choice can attract the Generation
    Z group. This will include recommendations for marketing activities regarding
    the marketing mix:
  • product (design, packaging, materials)
  • pricing approach
  • place (distribution channels)
  • promotional tools

Type of assignment: Essay

subject: Marketing

Pages: 11/3000

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