Topic: massive popular uprising in summer 2019

Describe the reasons that led to the massive popular uprising in Summer 2019. Was the goal of the protesters simply to force the governor to resign, or were there other demands?
Your answer will need to reference readings below

  1. Crabapple, Molly. 2019. ‘A People’s Cry of Indignation’: A Dispatch from Puerto Rico
  2. Aronoff, Kate. 2018. “Puerto Rico’s Summer Uprising and the Crisis of Colonialism.”
  3. Aronoff, Kate. 2019. “As Puerto Rico Erupts in Protests And Governor Resigns, “La
    Junta” Eyes More Power.”
  4. Serrano, Oscar. 2019. “Misogyny, corruption and leaked messages: the story of the
    demise of Puerto Rico’s governor.”
  5. Tormos-Aponte, Fernando and Glenda Labadie-Jackson 2019. “Many Puerto Ricans are
    outraged about how its resigning governor installed his successor. Here’s why.”

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