Topic: Masters in education personal statement

Personal Statement guidance

General structure of personal statement for postgraduate programmes.
• Reasons for applying for the MEd programme
You should start by broadly discussing your academic interests and your career aspirations. You should then briefly explain why you want to choose London School of Management Education (LSME).
You can close this section by describing the key points of the programme that interest you most, such as, programme structure, unique modules and research component.
• What makes you a suitable candidate for the MEd programme
Focus on three aspects under this section: first, your past qualification (which would be preferably in the related field); second, the subject knowledge gained in previous qualification and through independent research; and third, any relevant work experience that might have given you an insight into the practicalities of the qualification. You can include the grades achieved in your previous qualification. If you have excelled in any particular module, you can highlight that to show your competence.
• Core Competencies
Recognise and present your core skills and competencies such as ITC skills, numeracy and literacy skills, soft and transferable skills, academic writing skills and communication skills. Special focus should be placed on research and critical thinking skills.
• Your employment or entrepreneurial aspirations
Explain how the master’s degree (MEd) will help you in advancing your career forward. It could be opening your own college, moving to a new job in Education or moving up in your career ladder.

Helpful Tips
• Do your homework
Before you start, read the information about the course posted on the website of LSME at . This will make you familiar with the right vocabulary and terminologies.
• Writing Style
Keep communication simple. Use short sentences. Check spelling, grammar and punctuation before you send it to the College. Ask a friend or family member to read it. Minimise the errors by proofreading and using online utilities such as spell checker, grammarly or any similar tool.
• Specific to chosen programme

In order to present yourself informed, make your personal statement unique by explaining some unique aspects of the chosen qualification, such as, modules.
My education background is Human resource management and I recently obtained my Diploma in teacher training in the same college.

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