Topic: Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems

Students will build on (and, if necessary, rework) their assessed case study BRD; and apply Systems Theory and Systems Thinking to draft analysis of, then prioritize, key information management issues that need to be addressed.
Analysis to be submitted will include

 BIS/MIS issues and needs,
 Feedback Loop analysis and
 Mental Model analysis.
Additional Excel worksheets will be visible in the BRD workbook, that enable you to illustrate and evidence issues, using the supplied case data.

The part B assessment will include and incorporate:

  1. the reworked (corrected and developed from 1A feedback) and expanded (as instructed by Ian) BRD workbook, with the following worksheets developed:
  2. Mapping diagrams (Including Flow Charts, BPMN, CLDs/Feedback Loops, & BOTs) that illustrate identified issues,objectives
  3. Additional worksheets incorporating cleaned data from the provided data set (optional?)
  4. An Analysis Report that will be predominantly diagrams and images – (see #2 above).
    However, every image and diagram must be be addressed (explained) in writing. The word limit for the report is approximately 1000 words (800 – 1200). There is no page limit, as number of pages can vary with size and type of diagram, layout, etc.)
    Also, every image and diagram must be be correctly labelled and the written explanation reference the image by label (# and name).
    Length: However many pages it takes to include all relevant diagrams and approx 1000 words of written analysis.
    The required analysis Report will be submitted and discussed during week 8 class from 09.10, with opportunity to polish by end of class and resubmit by midnight.
    Students will participate in analysis and feedback of peers’ work.
    While students may collaborate as a team to discuss their ideas, students will individually determine and write-up their analysis, and create their own individual workbooks to demonstrate & document their analysis.

Type of service : Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Type Of Assignment : Research
Subject : Not defined
Pages / words : 1/275
Number Of Sources : 0
Academic Level : Sophomore(college 2nd year)
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : AU English

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