Topic: Modern Currents in the Humanities art coursework


Chapter 6, The Information Age (please answer questions in complete sentences)

1. How would you describe your relationship with advertisement? If American life is fashioned by it, why is it seen as a pernicious condition assaulting human dignity?

2. In Joyce Carol Oates Ace, how would you describe the character Ace?

3. What aspects of contemporary American culture does Oates treat?

4. In Octavio Paz’s poem To Talk, what insight concerning the powers and perils of language does Paz convey in this poem?

5. n John Ashbery’s poem Paradoxes and Oxymorons, what does “it” refer to, at each use here? Can you find any paradoxes or oxymorons in this poem?

6. In Jorge Luis Borges’s poem, Borges and I, based on the evidence of his sketch, describe the setting, the age of the speaker(s), and his (their) main concerns. Borges considered this piece a parable; what might be the lesson of this parable?

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