Topic: Music in the 1980’s analysis assignment


For this analysis, choose music video from the 1980s. You may notice some continuity between these videos and experimental, New Hollywood, exploitation, or international art cinemas.

Watch at least 3 or 4, make note of patterns or things that stand out, and then choose one. You can choose from this playlist:

What does it tell us about the time period in which it was produced? What stands out about the visual style, the editing, the fashion, or the music itself? Keeping in mind that music videos are not “real life,” what does it not tell us about the time period?

What further research does it inspire? To what ideologies does it adhere? Be specific; you don’t need to answer all of these, but whatever you discuss, you should use relevant examples from your video in your analysis.

All of these primary source analysis submissions are practice for your final paper, but in this case a music video is typically not presenting itself as “non-fiction” or “true,” so this submission is especially good practice in using fictional narratives as historical evidence.

The whole thing should be about a substantial paragraph.

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