Topic: Olymel Pork Case business essay

  1. What is your assessment of Olymel current strategy and performance?

2. Perform an environmental assessment in the form of a PESTEL and five forces analysis of the pork industry. Use the Porter Worksheet as a tool (see Blackboard). What are the biggest areas of strategic opportunities and threats in the environment?

3. Perform an internal assessment of Olymel’s resources and capabilities using the VRIO framework. Does Olymel have a basis for competitive advantage? What are Olymel’s strengths and weaknesses?

4. Using the information in the case, project the expected net earnings of Olymel in relation to each of the two expansion options.

5. Integrate the quantitative and qualitative analyses, and business risks (see article on Blackboard) in relation to each of the two expansion options. Indicate whether Olymel should proceed with the industry investment and identify a strategic course of action for Smit.

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