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Online Learning Options
In search of better, more cost effective ways to deliver instruction and training, universities and corporations have expanded their use of e-learning. Several studies suggest that online education and blended instruction (a “blend” of online and traditional approaches) can be as effective as traditional classroom models. There is no “one size fits all” model in this realm, however this delivery model is being used more and more to serve the needs of various groups of students recognizing it is not for all students.
In your opinion, would/could Home bound students (students who are restricted from attending “traditional” school due to illness, behavior, or other situations) at the middle/high school level benefit from this delivery model?

  1. Please explain why/why not;
  2. What is needed to make it a viable delivery option;
  3. Would you implement this model in your current situation? Why/why not ??
    Be sure to cite your sources within the text of your response.

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