Topic: Organization behavior research paper

Using Chevron Company critically analyze interventions for addressing organizational problems using individual Organizational Behavioral themes. Now that you have diagnosed a set of organizational problems , consider what action steps or interventions are required; who needs to participate in those interventions; when those interventions need to occur; and how you will evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions. You should include new insights about problems and root causes that have emerged since the completion of the attached paper.

In preparation for this assignment, design an intervention and evaluation plan that addresses the what, who, when, and how questions noted in the previous paragraph. Focus on individual OB themes.

Imagine that you are presenting the plan to the CEO. Although actual consulting work might use a consulting report or even a presentation, for this assignment, prepare your presentation as a rigorous academic paper so that you can continue building those academic writing skills.


In your paper, address the following:

Summarize the key details about your organization (who it is and what it does).

Summarize your diagnosis of organizational problems, being sure to differentiate between symptoms and root causes. Focus on individual OB themes.

Assess the consequences to the organization if interventions (solutions) to the problems are not implemented.

Assess the potential benefits to the organization if interventions are successful.

Justify an intervention plan (i.e., what, who, and when).

Justify an evaluation plan (i.e., how you will know your interventions were successful).

Use appropriate academic, peer-reviewed literature to support your arguments. You may also use documentation and interviews from the organization to support your perspective

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Business

Pages: 8/2200

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