Topic: Perceptions of the Elderly

Perceptions of the Elderly


Think of people age 65 or older (the elderly population) and consider what elderly individuals are like. Answer the following three questions below in paragraph form and DO NOT use any sources whether it’s from a book or the internet. This is a response paper. Also, DO NOT put the questions in the paper.

  1. Write down the first twelve words or phrases that pop into your mind about people who have reached “old age” – they can be adjectives referring to specific personality traits or attributes, behaviors, emotional states, cognitions, and so on.
  • Next, please elaborate and provide a detailed description or explanation for each word or phrase. What are the elderly like, and why do you perceive individuals in late adulthood this way? You can provide examples of your own personal experiences, exposure to the media, and anything else that is relevant.
  • Consider whether these traits or descriptions are ACCURATE. That is to say, do they represent the majority of the elderly in the general U.S. population? Are most older people like this, or not? Please discuss which of your twelve responses you think are fairly accurate, and which could be based on inaccurate stereotypes.

Type of assignment: Reaction paper

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 2/550

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