Topic: personal reflection of group business idea

Module Aim

The aim of this module is to help prepare you for your working life as an autonomous practitioner within a changing health and social care landscape by using your knowledge of occupation to investigate and respond to emerging opportunities for service development and innovative practice.  You will work collaboratively in small groups with an academic mentor to co-create a credible business proposal. The module will also allow you to consolidate your reflective skills in relation to your abilities in collaboration, negotiation, planning and presentation within deadlines.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  1. Investigate and critically analyse emerging opportunities for occupation-based practice in relation to policy, population needs and market forces.
  2. Critically apply theory and evidence to develop a rationale for a new intervention, new form of service delivery, new piece of equipment or community based service.
  3. Synthesise results of the investigation to produce a convincing business proposal for the innovation or enterprise.
  4. Reflect critically on your ability in collaborating, negotiating, planning and presenting.

Indicative Content

You will be required on your final placement to discuss with practitioners and/or managers possible service developments or new innovative services in line with local or national policy agendas. You will be introduced to elementary principles of business and enterprise skills for occupational therapists and encouraged to review literature related to innovative service delivery. You will be directed to the College of Occupational Therapists specialist section in private practice and to business and social enterprise resources to support your growing understanding of enterprise within health and social care. There will be some classroom based activities and workshops at the beginning of the module to ensure you and your group can make an informed decision regarding the project idea you want to take forward for the business proposal. This will include exposure to up to date information about commissioning within health and social care, policy and legislation that guides the commissioning process and enterprise developments within health and social care and the legal structures of organisations that provide products and services within an open market.

Type of assignment: Reflective writing

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 5/1200

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