Topic: Personal selling, sales promotion, direct and online marketing: MedTronic



Many companies sell products that most customers can literally live without. But the devices that MedTronic sells are a matter of life and death. Patient well-being depends upon the insulin delivery devices, implantable defibrillators, and cardiac pacemakers designed and manufactured by MedTronic. In some markets, seven out of eight medical devices in use are MedTronic devices.

Please read the case statement, view the video at mymktlab and refer to any web sites you think might help you in this exercise. Then, please answer the three questions in the order presented in essay form. The video is entitled “MedTronic” (Personal Selling and Sales Promotion). Please use the assigned readings for this lesson to help with your responses. Note especially the steps in the selling process.

But what happens when you know you have a product that will help a given customer in terms of cost, time, and end-user well-being, but you can’t get a foot in the door to communicate that information? This video demonstrates how MedTronic sales representatives maintain a customer-centered approach to the personal selling process as a means for effectively communicating MedTronic’s product benefits.

After viewing the video featuring MedTronic, please answer the following questions:

1. How is the sales force at MedTronic structured?

2. Identify the selling process for MedTronic. Give an example of each step.

3. Is MedTronic effective at building long-tern customer relationships through its sales force? If so, how? If not, what could be improved?

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