Topic: Perspectives on Evolution education essay


Why do we often consider evolution and religion to be incompatible? (You can go into history, theology, and/or biology here.)

Describe our current understanding of evolution and its argument for the origins and development of life on earth and then describe at least one alternate, religiously based explanation for life on earth (creationism, intelligent design, etc.).

Expand on both, possibly including strengths or weaknesses or arguments against either.

Then build an argument about which perspective you consider correct and/or whether you see the two as being compatible. Is there a middle ground between religion and evolution? Why/why not?

You must include a bibliography of at least five sources at the end of your paper.

Two of these sources could be the textbook or course lectures, but you must find at least three sources on your own. Unlike in many courses, these do not necessarily need to be academic sources for the first essay.

You can use popular articles and informative web pages, but you must use your judgement on the reliability of these sources.Use in-text citations when you reference sources in your paper, in addition to your bibliography. Each source cited in-text should appear in your bibliography and vice versa.

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