Topic: Photography art, history and its culture essay


For the last couple weeks, you have been learning about various photography topic, history and its culture. Pick one famous photographer on the list then write an essay about him or her. In a way, this is like mini-research.

List of Famous Photographer (Pick one) or ask for approval if you are researching a historical photographer that is not on the list:

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Capa

Ansel Adams

Edward Muybridge

Philippe Halsman

Eugene Smith

Dorothea Lange

Edward Weston

Louis Daguerre

James Nachtwey

George Hurrell

Lewis Hine

Gordon Parks

Hou Bo

Robert Frank

Steve McCurry

Elliot Erwitt

Robert Mapplethorpe

Harold Edgerton

Yousef Karsh

Garry Winogrand

Richard Avedon

Irving Penn

Arnold Newman

Fan Ho

Writing help:

First you need a question, an issue related to one famous photographer that interests you and that you feel you can pursuit.

Then, you need to find at least two readings or two books that relate to that question in a way you can use in your own analysis of the issue.

Introduction, let’s define analysis, a fundamental characteristic of critical thinking. Analysis as applied to writing means that you separate something into its parts so that you can better understand it. You can begin with a question that grabs your attention, example, “Why do this photographer like taking photographs of pepper?” or “Why is this photographer famous?” or What can I learn from this photographer? And then, use that question as a lens to look into the life of the famous photographer raised by your question.

Your question will concentrate your attention on relevant features of the issue you’re interested in and help you eliminate irrelevant features.

Once you’ve identified the relevant features of the issue to be examined, you then look at their significance or meaning.

This essay asks for a two-part structure: ask a question and then try to answer it by analyzing its parts (again, using at least two or more research books and articles (not Wikipedia).

Now, you are ready to write your essays.

How long? 3 pages, double-space (essay) and 4th page (cite page).

Margin? 1 inch on top, on bottom, on left, on right.

Can I use personal experience to compare to the famous photographer’s experience?

Perhaps as a supplement to what you have learn from the photographer you’ve research. Possibly as part of an introduction or conclusion, but this is not a personal essay.

Can I include Photos? Yes, maximum of three. Do not give me a whole page photos. Insert the photos as a part of your essay.

Documentation? YES. Use MLA style. The content development for this essay arises from what you’ve read and how you analyze it. You will be quoting from and paraphrasing ideas from other books, texts, articles and research materials.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-essay
Pages / words-1 / 300
Number of sources-0
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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