Topic: Plan your teaching using evidence-based strategies and educational principles and evaluate the impact of your teaching.



This task assesses your ability to:

• plan your teaching using evidence-based strategies and educational principles

• evaluate the impact of your teaching.

Please use the Victorian Curriculum or the Australian Curriculum (ACARA), thank you.

Please find below data sets that can be used for AT3 if you are unable to collect data. The data includes pre and post-test. Please choose one data set (combination of pre and post) for your assignment. I have uploaded these files and please choose one.

Your task

Below is a list of all the steps you will need to carry out to complete this task.

1. Identify a construct you will be teaching (Grade 4-6 Oral Presentation or Grade 2 Addition and subtraction (test)). Ensure this construct is linked to the curriculum.

2. Write level descriptions for the construct. These can be based on one or more of the following: research literature, a Guttman analysis, a pairwise comparison, an adapted taxonomy, work samples. If you have taught the construct many times, you may also use experience to describe the construct levels.

3. Collect evidence of student proficiency in the construct using formal and/or informal assessment methods.

4. Map the ZPD of your students to the levels in the construct (this could be on a Guttman chart).

5. Identify evidence-based and/or theory informed teaching strategies you will use to teach your students. The strategies may come from specific research literature, research syntheses/meta-analyses. You should also consider learning theories in the selection of strategies across the teaching plan. The strategies you identify must be able to be implemented within your regular teaching context. It is expected that the strategies would support the learning of all students within the class at their ZPD.

6. Document your teaching plan (this can be summarized in one page).

7. Implement your teaching plan.

8. At the completion of your teaching, use formal and/or informal assessment methods to collect evidence of student proficiency on the construct.

9. Map the post-teaching ZPD of your students to the levels in the construct. Compare the pre- and post- levels of your students. Use the template provided to present this information.

10. Evaluate the impact of your teaching using a range of evidence, including student data.

Steps 1 to 4 constitute a hurdle task. Though you are required to complete all steps, you will be assessed only on Steps 5 and 10, via the eight rubrics below. Please use the data set and it was given by the lecturer, plan and evaluate their ZDP using the students from the data set.

Your ability to plan your teaching using evidence-based strategies, learning theories and educational principles will be assessed using the following indicative behaviours:

1.0. Describes the evidence base for strategy/ies

2.0. Discusses the credibility of the evidence base

3.0. Explains the suitability of the strategy/ies to cater for the range of ZPD groups

4.0 Discusses the influence of context on the selection of evidence-based strategies

In demonstrating these behaviours, please select examples from within the whole teaching plan. It is not necessary, or possible, to cover the entire teaching plan for the focus area.

Your ability to evaluate the impact of your teaching will be assessed using the following indicative behaviours:

5.0 Interprets student growth data to inform evaluation

6.0 Interprets other sources of evidence (e.g., student attitude, teacher workload, school resourcing)

7.0 Discusses the implications for evidence-based strategies in your teaching

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