Topic: Policy, Risk, and a Secure Infrastructure researchpaper


Assessment Instructions

In your role as information security professional serving the CIO, you have been asked to create a memo to the risk management and security leadership that details items they should consider in their planning regarding secure network infrastructure assurance.

Use the organization and characteristics described in the Case Study: Global Widgets Inc. document found in the Required Resources as the context in which to create the memo.

Include the following in your professionally formatted memo:

Explain how risk analysis supports your development of a secure network infrastructure (SNI).

Explain how information security policy supports development of your SNI.

Identify organizational roles that can contribute to risk analysis of a SNI.

Determine organizational roles that can contribute to the creation of information security policy that supports development of a secure network infrastructure.

Evaluate the factors that influence design of a SNI including centralized versus decentralized administration.

Outline the legal and ethical impact that activities related to SNI may have on employee civil and privacy rights.

Recommend information security policy and risk management activities that will support the creation of a SNI.

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